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Through the Valley (Shawn James cover) The Last of Us 2 Trailer Song + chords


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Through the Valley (The Last of Us 2 Trailer Song full version) by Yana Ainsanova

https://youtu.be/_PC4X5_9-LA - For those who wanted to hear more trailer-like sound, I've done another version, without any effects. ^^
https://www.facebook.com/ShawnJamesSoul - Shawn James facebook.
https://shawnjamessoul.bandcamp.com/ - Shawn James & The Shapeshifters.
https://youtu.be/40c_6fTb2OY - here you can find the original song by Shawn James, and I strongly recommend it.
https://youtu.be/dFgUYgNbuD0 - great male cover #1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJgEEmYpbcM - great male cover #2

Скачать mp3: https://vk.com/yainsanova
Плейлист "Все песни стихи и музыка": https://goo.gl/1LUMYF
Помочь развитию канала на Patreon: https://goo.gl/pn51CG

В образе. ^^

That's great news that we will have the next part of this remarkable story! And the song is so true, it inspired me to bring up a full version..
- Use subs to get lyrics & chords. https://youtu.be/jhTV3r8rVMI here you can find a full tutorial.
- It's my very first attempt to get into a character, so don't judge too strict, :)) or do, anyway, it is a fun.

Thanks for listening! ^^
.. I really didn't expect so many comments and reaction to my idea. Thank you all for your kind words (it's so inspiring!) and (yep) thanks for criticizing too, I'll work on that.

G#m C#m
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
G#m D# D#7
I fear no evil because I'm blind to it all.
G#m C#m
My mind and my gun they comfort me,
G#m D# G#m
because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me
all the days of my life,
G#m D# D#7
and I will dwell on this earth forevermore.
G#m C#m
I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul,
G#m D# G#m
but I can't walk on the path of the right because I'm wrong.

G#m C#m
Well I came upon a man at the top of a hill,
G#m D#7
call himself the savior of the human race.
G#m C#m
Said he come to save the world from destruction and pain,
G#m D# G#m
but I said how can you save the world from itself.

G#m C#m… D# G#m

G#m C#m
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
G#m D#7
I fear no evil because I'm blind.

G#m C#m
I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul,
G#m D#7
but I know when I die my soul is damned.

Я иду долиной смертной тени
И не убоюсь я зла, ибо слеп
Разум мой и моё оружие – мое утешение
И я убью своих врагов, когда они придут

Доброта и милосердие, конечно, будут со мной во все дни моей жизни
И я пребуду на этой земле во веки веков
Я пройду по спокойным водам, и они очистят мою душу
Но дорога праведников не для меня, так как я не праведен.

Тогда я пришёл к человеку, стоявшему на вершине холма
Тому, что назывался избавителем человеческого рода
Он сказал, что пришёл спасти этот мир от разрушений и боли
А я спросил, как ты спасешь этот мир от самого себя?

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